October 29


Santa Logo 180 x 60

By Phil

October 29, 2020

Santa Logo 180 x 60

About the author

I retired after 48 years in IT and now, at 76, spend my free time (when I'm not travelling or socializing with my friends, children and grandchildren) helping other people to create online businesses and to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. I currently have 24 online businesses. Some are in affiliate marketing, some are e-commerce sites, some promote my own products (including a video training course in internet marketing) and some are very successful combinations of all these. My "qualifications" to teach health and fitness are simply that I never get sick, weigh the same as I did at 18, bench press more than my own bodyweight, can hold a 5 minute plank and do 100 km bike rides for fun. It's all to do with diet and exercise. I look forward to meeting you online.

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